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Packages and Pricing

Packages And Pricing

Let's Elope Together, starting at $781.20

The Elopement Package is Perfect for those couples who wish to tie with just themselves and their witnesses.
Elopements are limited to 10 people to a group.

Starting at $781.20 this ceremony style is suited to those who just want to get married in the bush with no fuss.

It includes an initial meeting to sign the NOIM or if you can't get to us, send us your NOIM that has been witnessed by a JP and we will accept it from the date we receive it.
On the day of your wedding, we will meet, sight your identification documents and sign the DNLI form, and start your Perfect ceremony.

For further details, please contact Alli.

The Classic Package, starting at $880

Once you've picked your special date on your calender, let me know and I'd love to help make your dreams come true. You can email through your request, text or call and I'll make it as easy as possible for you to create your dream ceremony.

The Classic Package starts at $880.00*

Extras may apply if required, but this is discussed with each couple on an individual basis.

It includes:

Initial Meeting & Document Requests

This will give you an opportunity to meet me, Allicia Blyth, Registered Civil Celebrant and decide if I am the right Celebrant for your ceremony. 

Second Meeting (Lodgement of the NOIM)           * What you to bring to this meeting:

Birth Certificate if born in Australia
or passport if born outside Australia & your Driver’s licence.
If previously married you will need to proof of end of marriage.
Either Divorce documents or Death Certificate.
Names of your two witnesses .
(Your wedding ceremony must be witnessed by two people who speak and understand English and who are at least 18 years of age.)
If you haven’t decided yet we can fill this in at a later date so don’t panic.
(Please note: there may be additional documentation needed depending on your circumstance, I will advise when this is necessary.)   At this meeting we will:

Enter the information and finalise the Notice of Intended Marriage form and I will witness both your signatures.
Complete the application for your official certificate of marriage from the BDM Office.
I will sight your Identification Documents, ‘End of Previous Marriage’ documents if needed and any other documents required.   Discuss your ceremony ideas and requirements & discuss the details of your wedding day.
If you would like to secure a booking for my services a booking fee of $200.00 is required at this meeting.
Once you are completely happy, I get to work creating Your Wedding Ceremony!

After meeting and getting to know you, I will now create your wedding ceremony.  Once it's created in initial form, I'll forward a draft ceremony for you to consider. Once you are totally happy with everything, I'll finalise the ceremony outline for your perfect day.
* Please remember there are specific legal phrases and words that marrying couple and their Celebrant must complete for the marriage to be valid.

Rehearsal (Only if required)

At the Rehearsal we have the signing of the DNLI Form.
This happens the day before your wedding or before the ceremony begins if need be.

At this meeting we will meet at your wedding venue and run through your final wedding ceremony. Not all marrying couples require this but it is an option you may wish to consider as it allows you to get a real feel of what the day will be like.

Let’s get you married!                It’s Your Wedding Day.

On your wedding day:

I will be available to you 24 hours exclusively to alleviate any concerns you may have. This also means I will never book two weddings on one day so you never have to worry.
I will arrive at the venue at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the ceremony,
this gives me plenty of time to set up.
I will meet with the groom to confirm any last minute requirements or answer any queries.
My role on the day is to coordinate with all involved, including your guests, photographer, musicians, venue organisers etc.
I will officiate your marriage, then you, your partner, your witnesses and I will sign three marriage certificates.
I will leave you with a Ceremonial Certificate of Marriage and a copy of your personalized Wedding Ceremony.
Lodgement of Legal Documents.

After your wedding, I will lodge the original Certificate of Marriage and other documents with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State or Territory where your marriage took place. This will finalise the legal process.


I also include in my fees the application and lodgement of your official BDM Marriage Certificate on your behalf, I send this completed form off for you when I lodge your marriage documents with the office of Births, Deaths and Marriages. You will then receive your official BDM Certificate of Marriage in the mail a few weeks later.

Please note: The certificate you receive from myself on your wedding day is a ceremonial certificate only and will not meet the identity requirements of many government agencies. You will need to wait until your documents have been lodged and you receive your Official Certificate of Marriage issued to you by your state or territory Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to have your personal documentation (e.g. driver’s licence) changed to your married name.
If you choose a Celebrant who does not offer this service you will need to apply for these documents yourself.

A few weeks after you're married, you’ll receive your official
Certificate of Marriage in the mail from the BDM.

*Extra services such as instrumental music, planning assistance & additional decorations will be added to the final invoice total.


Marry Me in the Mountains, starting at $950

Relax and take your vows within the romance of the bush.

Give us a call to work out what your perfect budget is

Wether it a big wedding or a small wedding, we can help. We work with local business to ensure that every single aspect of your day is just perfect for you.

The Ocean Package

This package details may change dependent to weather conditions and travel availability. The Ocean Package is an adventure based wedding ceremony for you, your partner and your guests. Not only will you take your vows in the most beautiful place on earth, you will also experience the natural scenery and marine life between Ballina and Byron Bay.

(The vessel has the capacity to comfortably take up to (20) twenty passengers on board, however please be aware that this includes both of the marrying parties and your Celebrant. This means you can invite up to (17) seventeen guests for your magical ceremony experience.

Photography options are available but will need to be discussed at the time of you making your booking. Out of the Blue Adventures can offer some amazing wedding shots from your day but should you require your own photographer to attend, just make sure that you allocate one of your guest seats to that particular individual.

Whales are wild animals, so there are no guarantees that we will see them. However, the Captain has extensive experience and knowledge about the area, so it is rare that you will not see any during migrating season (May-November). OOTB follow the federal whale watching guidelines that apply to all boats, including kayaks: stopping the boat at least 300 ft. (91 m) away from the whales, not pursuing or blocking them, and driving slowly when near them. OOTB allow the whales or dolphins to approach the boat if they choose.


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